How did My Fertility Specialist come about

Often when someone goes through a life-changing event, like infertility, when they have come out the other end, whatever the outcome, the memories remain. They may dull overtime as memories do, but ultimately, they are always there, just below the surface, waiting for a trigger then they re-appear again, and all the emotions come rushing back.

For me luckily, the memories of those dreadful six years are eclipsed by our darling daughter being in my and my husband’s life. And every night when I kiss her goodnight I say ‘Thank you’. It could have been so different.

I was a qualified nurse and registered midwife so when my husband and I found ourselves at our GP’s after trying to fall pregnant for a year, (I was 40 years young, he 28!), and he referred us to a fertility consultant, I was glad I had my medical knowledge to fall back on. How anyone can understand all that they read about fertility/infertility on the internet is beyond me! What information can you trust? Was it easier before the www?! Maybe, maybe not! Where the internet does come into its own and is fantastic, especially for a subject like infertility, is the online forums and support groups, where you can be anonymous but still seek and give support and/or advice.

So with my medical background and my love of writing and reading, (and being a bit of a techno-phobe!), I began to think about how I could help others who are going through a journey just as we did. What would have made our journey a little bit less stressful? Initially I thought about writing a book about our story but that is a lot harder than you think it will be? And also although people love reading true stories, I would probably only help a tiny percentage of people, which is better than none, but I wanted to do something bigger. I remembered a friend telling me, when we were both going through treatments, about a magazine that her acupuncturist had told her about but back then I couldn’t find this magazine anywhere on the internet. Now five years later this magazine is a lot more visible and it is very good. But it is the only one and I think people should have a choice of fertility magazines.

So this is where we are now – offering you a choice! My Fertility Specialist magazine is a lot smaller (at the moment) than the other one. I can’t speak for them but my priority is You, the reader, and what you are going through right now. When I started to let the ‘world’ know about My Fertility Specialist magazine, I had the most positive feedback from people who have been through or are going through their journey. Experts offered to write articles for the magazine, if I asked other experts if they would like to provide articles they all said yes! My Facebook page for My Fertility Specialist magazine received over 300 ‘Likes’ in less than a month! Suddenly another of my dreams was coming true!

So wherever you are on your personal journey, I hope I, and all the contributors in the magazine, can help you.