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Book Review of ‘Our Dream Come True’ by Sheila Lamb and the true story behind it

I am so lucky to be asked to review books by ordinary people who have either written about their true life experience of infertility or experts who are writing to support people going through their own fertility challenges. There are alot of books on infertililty now available and this is so brilliant as it […]

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The Infertility Experience book review by Sheila Lamb


There are a number of books now available thankfully to support you if you find yourself on an infertility journey, and they all offer different support, because as the author of ‘The Infertility Experience’ realises, everyone’s journey is different.

If I was on my own journey I would’ve found this book extremely helpful, because it […]

The Emotional Rollercoaster of IVF – the challenges: why it hurts: what you can do about it

Sally Coombs from Inner Mind Therapies

If there is one thing most of my clients tell me about IVF, it is that it’s a rollercoaster ride with many emotional and psychological obstacles to contend with. So here I am going to talk more about these challenges based on my own work as an easibirthing® fertility […]

“Are they, you know, normal?”

I’ve had to give it a few days before posting this blog in order to calm down and get my head round what a complete stranger said to me about IVF. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief about it, as I’m sure you will be to when you read on.

On the train leaving […]

How to plan your IVF trip abroad

Dr Caroline Phillips, Fertility Clinics Abroad

Preparation is everything
Like anything in life, a successful outcome requires rigorous preparation and this is especially the case when planning your IVF trip abroad. There are many factors to consider and you must be certain the decisions you make are based on as much factual information and feedback you […]

Moondance – How can you long for someone who doesn’t exist?

It’s been so many years now since our fourth cycle of IVF. The embryos were of the poorest grade, we were both run ragged by the failures and miscarriages of previous cycles, and I shed quite a bit of blood. But this is the cycle that worked. I am one of the lucky ones, […]

How Jules is supporting women on their fertility journey

Jules Furness is doing a lot to support and help other women who are finding it a bit of a battle to have the family they long for.

She has a YouTube channel called ‘Jules Furness’ that she started during her own story when she was on ‘adoption leave’. She is just about to embark […]

Fertility Fest 2016 and The Quiet House play

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect last Saturday at The Fertility Fest 2016 in London – but one thing I did know was that it would be memorable. And it was!

The Fertility Fest is the achievement of Jessica Hepburn, author of the bestselling book ‘In Pursuit of Motherhood’, in […]

Why is nothing to do with infertility straightforward?

You’ve probably known this for a while – nothing about infertility is straightforward, predictable, easy or guaranteed! I’m sitting here as frustrated as I was so often during our 6 year battle with infertility. “Why?” you may ask. Because I’ve just read an article in this weeks Independent titled ‘Private fertility clinics offer treatments […]

Can Life Begin at 40?

Fertility for the 40+

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Life begins at….’ however I invite you to consider the statement in the more literal sense. Can women successfully and easily conceive at 40+ and how can they maximise their ability to conceive naturally?
Over recent months there has been a great deal of media interest in […]