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If you have been given a discount code, you will need to input this before purchasing. Therefore upon the check out page you will see on the 5th line down in small print ‘Do you have a discount code?’

  • Click on ‘Click here to enter your discount code’
  • Type in your code for example DISC123 then click ‘Apply’
  • You will then see the membership price update according to your code
  • Then click ‘Paypal’ to follow through with your order.
  • discount code instructions

    If you don’t have a Paypal account you have the option to pay by card:

    On the check out page, click the paypal button, this will take you to Paypal (as per the screen below). At this point you can select the ‘Pay with a debit or credit card’ option.
    Paypal instructions

    This maybe a Flash issue with your computers internet browser. As there are many browsers available, please try another or click on the button ‘Click Here’ below the magazine which will open up a new tab.
    There are two options for printing off an issue:
    1) Download the magazine and print off on your own printer
    2) Order and pay for a glossy magazine that will be shipped to you

    1) Download the magazine and print off each page on your own printer:

    Once you have completed the payment process for the subscription, click ‘Our Magazines’ menu and all available issues display.
    Click on the issue you wish to download and print off. The magazine displays.
    Just above the top of the magazine there is a grey bar, click on the 4th icon from the left – hover your mouse over it and it states ‘Download PDF’.
    An Adobe Acrobat pop-up window displays. Select the ‘Open with’ or ‘Save File’ option.
    Open up the PDF copy and print as usual.

    2) Order and pay for a glossy magazine that will be shipped to you:

    This option will be available very soon.

    Printing out pages